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About Our Company

Who We Are

Easykiranais an online Grocery shopping mobile application which enables you to buy online grocery items. Get grocery items at your doorstep in just one click. We are ready to help you regarding online delivery services whenever you need. Now, you don't need to go to kirana shop to buy grocery items.

We are an online grocery seller. Easykiranais a mobile application and website that gives you the advantage of grocery shopping on your mobile. We provide safe and fast delivery at your home with just one tap. We are there for you at your service whenever you need us. So, don’t search every grocery store for different products, sit, relax at your home and get everything you want at your doorstep.


Why should you buy from KiranaBazar


Our Featured products

  1. Baby specials

We provide baby soap, baby cream, baby powder, foods for baby, baby oil, neck feeder with silicon nipple, liquid silicone nipple, milk food pouch, pampers that is almost everything for your baby.


  1. Hygiene and beauty

From hygiene products like antiseptic liquid, hand wash, sanitisers, tubes of toothpaste to beauty products like hair oils both cosmetic and Ayurvedic, beauty soaps, spray perfumes, brushes, shampoos, beauty cream, cold cream, face powder, body lotion, get everything at your doorstep.


  1. Cleaning and kitchen

Where sanity is important, we offer cleansing utensils of all types which include toilet cleaner, toilet brush, bathroom cleaner, detergent powder, liquid detergent, full jharu, dish wash bars, the dish was liquids, scrubber, household cleaner, air freshener, room freshener for you. Also, we have a matchbox pack, fast card flies killer, flies killer spray which you can buy with just one click.


  1. Spices

If you are looking for spices, we have garlic paste, garam masala, elaichi, sanity clove, Dhania powder, Haldi powder, Lal Mirchi powder, chat powder, chicken masala, meat masala, hing, roasted cumin, black and white pepper, dal chino, seeds of jeera, ginger almost everything to add spices in your food.

  1. Beverages

Buy Horlicks junior, Horlicks women, complan, boost, green and black tea powder, pure honey, Amla juice, Giloy juice, ENO flavour packs, soups, sprite, thumps up, fruit juices, thandais, and beverages from your mobile.


  1. Puja path

Now, you can buy Pooja path samagri online also. You can buy agarbatti, Pooja path samagri, Pooja honey, Kapoor, dhoopbatti, cutting mishri, candles, Mehendi, colours, pitambari, sabudana everything you need for the Pooja path.


  1. Chocolates

We have all chocolates starting from Mango bite chocolates, Parle toffee, Marko dream royal candy, a kinder joy to all type of Cadbury brand like Cadbury dairy milk, KitKat, perk, munch, milky bar and Cadbury celebration pack as well.


  1. Breakfast and snacks

Get yourself free time snacks and breakfast foods like Bikaneri bhujia, macaroni pasta, wheat pasta fusil, vinegar, corn flakes, chocos, Lijjat Papad, mithais, tomato ketchup, biscuits, pickle of mangoes, red chillies and green chillies, Maggie, noodles, dairy milk powder, pasta, chilli sauce, etc. To make your free time more enjoyable.


  1. Food Grains

We offer fresh and pure grains for your Kirana shopping. We have wheat atta, Moong dal, Chana, Masoor Dal, Chana dal, wheat flour, Chana besan, til while, Basmati rice, toor dal, half boil rice, Moong khada, sortex rice, white peas lose so that you never get out of any food grains.


  1. Edible oil

For cooking purposes, we have cooking oil and pure ghee so that you have delicious and tasty food. Buy refined soyabean oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, Desi ghee, mustard oil, sofagold healthy lifestyle oil, shahi ghee, rice bran health oil at convenient rates.


  1. Fresh veggies

We offer fresh and pure vegetables directly from the farm and because of a quick delivery, you will get fresh veggies at your doorstep. You can have mushroom and baby corn packets, and onions, potatoes with just one tap.


  1. Sugar and salt

Get salt products of Tata iodized salt, Tata salt lite, Tata salt, Ankur salt, Ankur gold salt, black salt and sugar products like sugilite smart sugar, sugar, sugar-free gold, brown sugar, sulphur-free sugar, jaggery (Gur) at your home.


  1.  Festival special

We have different colour ranges from red, green, yellow, blue to Pooja path samagri for festivals, to make your festivals more joyful and memorable.


So, what are you waiting for!!  We will be at your service no matter if it is pandemic or not.  You can also contact us or email us.  We are there for you 24/7.




You may have been seeking to know more about Kirana Bazar, what it is, the services offered, how to access their products, how to pay for the goods and services, and lots more.

Here are the frequently asked questions:


What services does Easykiranaoffer?

When you mention Kirana Bazar, know that you are talking about where to shop grocery items for your personal use.


Where can I locate the company?

It is an online grocery shop located in Motihari, Bihar, India. It has an online marketplace on the website and App where you can access to buy your product online.


How can I get access to their services? 

Visit www.kiranabazar.in or download the App, sign-up, become one of their clients to start making transactions with them. Follow the directives to provide the information they require, and you will be good to go.


Apart from using my computer set, can I register with any other mobile device?

Yes, you can download our mobile application into your apple or android phone. It is equally safe that way.


Does Easykiranawebstore have home delivery services?

Yes, we have a professionally well-planned delivery service. When your order hits, we will send you a notice to expect your product and deliver it to your doorstep on an agreed date.


What if I live in a far distant place?

It does not matter the distance. There are other subsidiary stores around your location. They can be instructed to reach out to you quickly.


What would it look like if they meet my absence on the date of the delivery?

Easykiranahas a well-trained dispatch team that sees about that. They will send an email notifying you of the dispatch and acknowledging the date and time beforehand. Much more, after they see that the delivery is not successful on schedule, we might reschedule the delivery date, or you can be asked to pick up the parcel at the location shop nearest to you.


If I am shopping online, how do I make my payment?

You can pay for your product online using VISA CARD or MASTER CARD. Enter your master secure code (MSC or VSV), punch it through, and you are done.


Can buyers pay on the spot after receiving the product ordered?

Yes, you have the option. But, again, there is the provision for cash on delivery.


What other payment method does Easykiranaaccept?

We have Net banking, ATM debit card, and Ticket Restaurant Card. 


What do I do if the products I ordered are not in stock?

In case of unavailability of the products that you order, we provide you with a substitute product. If you are not still convenient with it, we may process a refund. Or wait for the product while expecting new stock. 


If I order products and pay, on eventuality, can I cancel the order?

You can. Call +919142900711 or email us at support@kiranabazar.in to request cancellation. After that, they will acknowledge it and give you an update.


Will the money I pay be refunded to me without stress?

Yes, or otherwise, the money might remain for you on the net e-wallet for another shopping round.


In what manner will I be treated if the price of goods I ordered increases on delivery?

No additional charges will be added. You pay the price that you saw on the website when you ordered.


Can I order and receive my product as quickly as possible?

We dispatch our goods in less than 24 hrs. 


What quantity of goods can I order at a time?

You do not have to worry. There is no limit to orders in Kirana Bazar.


Is there an option on delivery time to people who order party fruits and other perishable products?

Our delivery is quick, and the products often arrive in less than 48 hours.


If the price of items I ordered drops before delivery, will I still pay the fee on the website during the order?

No, if the prices of the products you ordered drop while expecting a delivery, we sell to you at the current price. 


Do I pick products of my choice on the website, and it is delivered to pay later?

No, you should order for what you can pay and pay for what you ordered. Unfortunately, Easykiranadoes not yet adopt the later pay system of purchase.


Can a 13 years old child access the service of Kirana Bazar?

Yes, but through the assistance of a registered parent or guardian. A child of that age is a minor by law.


Do I have the liberty to change my passwords if I suspect an unauthorized transaction on my account?

Of course, you do. That’s to protect the account from the wrong hands especially, where you mistakenly shared your account information with others.


What do I do if I were to relocate to a new residence?

Let us know the new place you are residing in to document it for the next delivery plan. You can notify us through email or send SMS and or give a phone call.


Apart from buying from Easykiranaonline, can I also work close by and pick products?

Yes, that is possible for clients that live near the surrounding shops.


If I board a taxi to pick my products because of an emergency, will I have compensation while the delivery date is fast approaching?

There will be no compensation. Wait for your delivery date and have your parcel at your comfort.


If I suddenly realize that I need to pick up additional items when my parcel is about to be delivered, should I call to add up?

Yes, you can. It might be possible if the product did not move from the shop. You can pay the difference in cash on delivery (COD).


Will I pay the cost of delivery on the item I order?

We do charge extra money as delivery costs on our clients.


If I signed to collect the products and later discovered that they are defective, should I return them?

No, you cannot return products you have signed to collect from the delivery team. You should inspect the products before you accept.


What if I ordered many things and I missed the calculation during the inspection? If I realized later that my goods are not complete, should I push for the additional item(s)?

You may not get it right because you accepted it before the delivery team and append your signature to show acceptance.


Do I need to be humanly present before my parcels are a gift to me?

Your presence is necessary to inspect the accuracy and qualities of the products before you sign to collect them.


What is the level of cooperation I should give to the company?

When registering, give your true identity, residential address, email address, and a valid phone number.


How should I guard against my goods being undelivered?

Make sure you are around home on the date of delivery and that your phone is on. This will help make communication possible.


If I suddenly discover that the goods I signed to collect are expired, should I seek justice for compensation before the court of law?

If issues like that occur, get back to us with evidence of your claim. If your claim is correct, we will sort it out immediately. 


Do you welcome suggestions in the course of your operation?

Your suggestion is a welcome one if it proves constructive.


Can a client pay in advance for the grocery items he/she would want to buy in the nearest future?

Yes, you can if such action will help you to stay relevant. Your money can be there in our account for you.


Can a client partner Easykiranamake business happen?

Check our terms and conditions of sales and use of our services on the website.


Does Easykiranahave a motivational package to stimulate its client?

Currently, we are working and hoping for something good to come out soon.


Why are invoices not given on an online payment?

Once your delivery is completed, go to the dashboard for your invoice. Always it is there. If you pay on delivery, the courier will give you the invoice at hand.


Does the Government tax the products delivered to clients of Kirana Bazar?

Yes, they do. We have a means of handling it not to be burdensome to you.


Is Easykiranapreferred to other online groceries in India?

We are doing well but not yet the best. We will get there someday. Now we compete favorably in terms of service delivery. So you can trust in us.


If I do not have internet banking, can I pay cash on delivery?

Most native Indians pay cash on delivery. It is cheap and safe to pay on delivery if one does not afford an internet banking system. We accept it equally.


Does Easykiranahave a promo program put in place?

We do not have such a program. However, it will come on time.


Can I advertise my products on the Easykiranawebsite?

You may seek the permission of the website owner- Kirana Bazar. In/home.


Has Easykiranaa clear point policy on privacy?

Yes, we do. Your information with us is secure and safe. We work with the authorities concerned to make sure that you have no issue with security.


If I wish to invest capital in Kirana Bazar, what would that mean to me?

You want to be a shareowner. Unfortunately, the company does not sell shares to the public as of now.


Is there any provision for that in the future?

Hopefully, there is a laid-down plan for that, and it will be a super one.


Is Easykiranaa customer-oriented business organization?

Yes, indeed, we value our customers and rate them with respect. However, if they cease to patronize us, we cease to exist.